*pulcino*Sale Fair

hi all!!

Sale Fair officially started!
*pulcino* is participating too.
Old commodity is half price at the event limited.

i will do this event from start to end.

2015.08.21(JLT) - 2015.08.31(JLT)
Kokoa Fair Park - Sunset beach, Spode

Slink Nail Applier

Rabbit Crescent



MESH nails

I wish
I wish No.2


*Slink nail Apprier is the product version 1.
*Slink Nail Applier is demo does not have.
*Demo of MESH nails are located in the flagship store.
*This half price items is only one that is placed in venue.
Also after the end of the period it will return to the normal price.

*pulcino* Flagship store, Kourinbou (18, 66, 22)

Kiyomizu shopping mall