*pulcino*kiyomizu hunt!

Kiyomizu spring Treasure Hunting 2016 officially started!
*pulcino* is participating too. Let's find out black cat "Monji".

*pulcino*'s prize is MESH dress.
It is one piece of one shoulder.
This is a pastel color springlike.

This can be changed in 5 colors at HUD.

i will do this hunt from start to end.
time: 2016.03.12(JLT) - 2016.04.10(JLT)

*pulcino*- only available in this hunt

Female Dress.
Limited colors!

kiyomizu mall limited

*mesh cloth
Female Standard Sizing
no mod/no trans
*alpha Layer
no mod/no trans
no mod/no trans
Hunt Limited colors

This dress sale after the end of hunting,
distribution will end.
Please acknowledge.

*pulcino* in KIYOMIZU Mall
*pulcino* Flagship store, Kourinbou (18, 66, 22)