Gift vendor test introduction(English)


1,Touch to Vender.
(Currently Gift vendor is being test introduction.
Only these three products I supports gift vendor. )

2.You choose the "buy as gift" on the menu.
(If you select the "buy" you receive the item to you.)

3,You enter the avatar name of someone with whom you want to send a gift.

①,Opponent there is a gift will put a period between the name and the surname in
the case of the avatar name there is a last name.
Example) piyogorou.Aichi
②,I enter only as it is name in the case of gifts there opponent there is no avatar name surname.
③,Finally I will press the "send".
"Ignore" is pressed and order will not be sent.
Please note.

4.When you send an avatar name to the present vendor will check for the presence of the other party.
Although check was the end Please pay the fee of goods to the vendor.

Goods will be sent to the other party and payment is completed.

* Product is No Mod / No Transfer.
* This gift vendor has a time limit.
Please try again from the beginning if you past the time.
* Product has been boxed.
Please unpack and attached to.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me.
(Please send NOTECARD.NOT IMS)
【*pulcino* Owner 】piyogorou Achi

*pulcino* Flagship store, Kourinbou (18, 66, 22)
Kiyomizu shopping mall