the sold out event!

I will participate in "the sold out event".
The exhibited slink nail applier from pulcino
Foot and hand set for 125L $.
12 is a set limit!

i will do this event 1st round from start to end.
time: 2013.11.19(SLT) - 2013.12.03(SLT)

slink nail applier.(for hand and foots)

hand and foots 10colors
No mod/No trans

set 12set limited price!

It does not set the sale of this after the event.
After the event, or sold out after
And the launch for hand, foot for at separately.(100L$)
Please note.

please read this notecard carefully before purchasing any of our nails applier packs. Otherwise,
if you mistakenly purchase our packs, we won't be able to refund you, since we give you enough informations by text and picture.

These nails appliers are ONLY dedicated to be used on Slink avatar enhancement hands (or feet, for some of them, as mentioned on the vendor picture).

If the foot is not in your product or hand nail color change system support,
I touch the "Slink Redelivery and Credit Terminal" of slink store
If you click on the target product from the purchase item list
Please use the latest version there, so will be sent to you.

You can not change it with the product of my shop the color of the skin.
Please buy it in a shop that sells the product for separately.

I ask to slink the question of foots itself or other hand.

No demo is included since we don't own a transferable copy of Slink's hands.
So please make sure that everything is understood before you purchase one of these packs.

Please refer to the following URL for more information.
Slink Avatar Enhancement System – Customer Information | Slink Style

I’m Wearing:
skin *(OO)*YUKI_Ro LB
make ROZENA ~Kiss Kiss Lip(Fall Edition)~ persimmon (t)
ears ThePropShop - Tintable UpCurved Elf Ears (Boxed)
eyes :: hsh :: Limited collaboration eyes - Uru -
hand Slink Mesh Hand Gesture
foot Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid
hair booN ZPO133 hair chestnut
tops Soothe. Calm Sweater (beige)
inner Meriken Co .Madras Green Shirt
pants::c.A.:: GACHA "denim"
location ::frog's cafe::

The Sold Out Event- The Boho WareHouse- GachLand-Exclusive
The Event & Hunt Forever Planners | All about Event, Fashion Show, Fair or Hunt Around SL.

*pulcino* Flagship store, Kourinbou (18, 66, 22)
Kiyomizu shopping mall