*pulcino* New Glove nails!

glove nails relesed!

1 colors 15L$.
Cobalt,Green,Lapis lazuli,Magenta,Red,White

yellow is free colors,

No mod/No trans
glove and tattoo Layer,

I’m Wearing:
skin : ) BCC. [Latte] Liu 16
make MONS / Makeups - Eyeliner So Cute - black
ears ThePropShop - Tintable Troll Elf Ears (Boxed)
eyes *pulcino*eyes Allegro (Brown) L
hair booN DWF627 hair sandy
mouthaccessory Tiny Bird - Bobbypin (attaches to mouth)
armwarmer +:::+Natural+:::+KnitArmWarmer::A::
tops Soothe. Down feather Vest Women (grey)

*pulcino* Flagship store, Kourinbou (18, 66, 22)